Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Troy Van Sickle - Different Motorsports You Can Compete In

Troy Van Sickle loves cars. And like many others that are interested in cars, he always dreamed of becoming a race car driver. If you too have dreamed of being a race car driver but don't think you have the money or talent to realize your dream, there's hope. Here are five different motorsports that you can compete in.
  1. In autocross, you are trying to get the best time on a course that has nothing but cones. All you need is a helmet, the entry fee, and a membership to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).
  2. Rallycross races are completed on dirt roads consisting of open fields and cones. If you set the fastest time, you win. Again, you need to make sure you have a helmet for this race. You also need to join the SCCA to compete.
  3. Ovals, are just like NASCAR or IndyCar except the races aren’t as long and you race in older cars. The cost to race in ovals varies depending on where the race is located.
  4. The winner of an ET Bracket Drag Race is decided by who has the fastest reaction times. At the start of the day, all the cars in the race are dialed in and handicaps are applied. Faster cars, like a Shelby GT500, aren’t necessarily going to be the winners.
  5. A ProSolo race is like a drag race with corners thrown into the mix. Opponents square off side by side with autocross courses that mirror one another. The first car across the finish line wins.
You don’t need thousands of dollars and a corporate sponsor to enjoy car racing. With a small amount of money and a lot of enthusiasm and passion, anyone can enjoy the sport of auto racing. Troy Van Sickle has been racing cars for more than a decade and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.