Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Troy Van Sickle - Three Methods to Build Strong Family Bonds

Troy Van Sickle, an entrepreneur based in Palm Springs, California, is devoted to helping families become closer and happier. As a father of five, he has had numerous opportunities over many years to see what works and what doesn’t when you want to create a tight family unit with your children. He recommends taking the following techniques into account with your own kids to support strong, healthy relationships between adults and their kids.

Help your children become good communicators. Strong families know how to work problems out together, and that necessitates effective communication skills. Communication must be built upon the premises of trust and honesty. While being able to speak kindly and respectfully to another is key, being able to actively listen is equally necessary.

Close bonds between kids and adults can be built when they spend a lot of quality time together. This can simply mean watching a football game together or having weekly family game and movie nights. The activity is not all that important, but the consistency is paramount. Families that spend time together learn how to function as a unified team and eliminate alienation.

Strong parent/child relationships are predicated on their ability to problem solve together and manage stress. Families who can work together when times are difficult to support each other creates positive experiences where both children and adults feel needed and valued for their insights.

Troy Van Sickle lives in Palm Springs, California. He is the owner of the Van Sickle Group, a consulting firm serving businesses in the real estate and trucking industries.